Most of the ads are for lonely hearts in their 20s or 30s — but you’d be hard.pressed to spot one in the crowd. Instead, the ads have been wri..en by their middle.aged parents, who also man their umbrellas, eager to talk to any passerby who shows interest in their adult child’s descrip

Writer: Liu Chang
Project Managers: Liu Chang and Zou Manyun
Videographer: Shi Yangkun
Translator: Katherine Tse
Editors: Kevin Schoenmakers and Lü Yan
Copy editors: Hannah Lund and Jessica Levine
Data collection: Zou Manyun, Liu Chang, Lü Yan, and Shen Yining
Data entry: Wang Jiwei, Wang Yiyun, Shen Yining, and Zhang Qiuhong
Web: Du Haiyan
Design: Fu Xiaofan and Wang Yasai
This project is a collaboration between Sixth Tone and The Paper. View Chinese version at

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