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Emily Gong

Artist, co-founder of Art Focus, 2020 STF Fellow

Emily Gong is an artist and co-founder of Art Focus, an art education and consultancy organization, which coordinates international exchanges and supports emerging artists across the globe. Gong has worked in global outreach and development for the University of Oxford. In her art practice, she works in traditional and abstract painting, installation, and sculpture. Gong has exhibited her work in Canada, China, and Europe. Born in Beijing and raised in Toronto, Gong received her master's degree from the University of Oxford and her bachelor's in fine arts from Queen's University. She has studied abroad in Italy and at the University of Cambridge in an exchange year. Her master's thesis at Oxford investigated practices of collection and speculation in China's art market. Gong co-authored a chapter in "Exploring Uses of AI and Data in China Today" for the AI: More than Human Exhibition at the Barbican Centre and exhibited her co-created project "5G + Autonomous Vehicles: Dialogue between the Cloud and the Ground" in Shenzhen's Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism/Architecture.